Lawsuit Over Death at Georgia Narconon

Patrick W. Desmond
People ask me all the time when someone in the government is going to do something about Scientology’s fraud and abuse.  I have pretty much given up hope that politicians or the courts will tackle Scientology head-on but the recent deaths at Narconon facilities in the U.S. have drawn attention to at least one aspect of Scientology’s deceptive reach into the mainstream.  Another family has filed a lawsuit against Narconon after their son died of a heroin overdose at a Georgia facility.
Jodie Fleischer of WSB TV covered the death of Patrick Desmond:

Patrick Desmond’s mother describes him as kind-hearted and good-natured, but the former Marine died at 28-years-old, losing a battle against alcoholism.
Desmond’s death in 2008 came as he took part in a worldwide drug treatment program, Narconon, already under fire for other patient deaths and ties to the Church of Scientology.
Now a Channel 2 investigation is raising questions about the Narconon program and its license in Georgia.
Desmond told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer they found Narconon of Georgia on the Internet. Colleen Desmond toured the classrooms in Norcross and visited the apartments at One Sovereign Place off Roswell Road.
“We were assured all along the line, this was an inpatient situation,” Desmond said. Desmond said she had spoken to Mary Rieser, executive director of Narconon of Georgia.
Patients were supposed to be monitored 24 hours a day while learning communication skills, spending hours detoxing in a sauna, and taking mega doses of the vitamin niacin, Desmond said.
The treatment plan was espoused by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
Desmond told Fleischer that at the time, she didn’t know anything about that plan, or that her son Patrick was drinking and doing drugs with students and staff in those apartments.
Then she got a devastating phone call.
“The doctor said his alcohol content was very high. Patrick experimented that night for the first time with heroin,” Desmond said. “I held him in his bed. Then the doctor came in and turned off the machines.”
Narconon’s executive director said she can’t talk about Patrick Desmond’s case because his family is suing her program after learning it is only licensed for outpatient treatment.
“There’s things that people do to themselves,” Rieser explained to Fleischer. “Of course it’s sad. I can only try to guide the way for someone.”
“I will never knowingly accept somebody here if I know they’ve been ordered inpatient because we’re not,” Rieser said.

Watch the full video report on WSB TV’s website.  In the report, Scientology continues their long tradition of lying to the press and lying to the people they are trying to con into their program.  Their sister radio station is doing a spectacular series on this story as well.  You can hear their reports here.
Many thanks to Tony Ortega for leading XENU TV to this story.

Narconon Arrowhead

This past weekend I traveled to Canadian, Oklahoma to attend the protest at Scientology’s flagship drug rehab program.  While there, I interviewed two people who have been working hard to draw attention to the dangers posed by untrained staff treating addicted patients with L. Ron Hubbard’s tech.
Colin Henderson was a patient at Arrowhead for two weeks before discovering the supposedly secular rehab program was really just Scientology in disguise.
David Love flew in from Canada to speak with Oklahoma government officials and present them with the documentation that was so helpful in getting Narconon’s center closed in Quebec.  In this video, David talks about how recently graduated patients are urged to become recruiters.
I also had a chance to meet and spend time with some of the family and friends of Narconon patients who have died under Scientology’s care.
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Narconon Deaths Explored on NBC

Rock Center did a great piece last night on the recent deaths at Scientology’s Narconon Arrowhead facility in Canadian, Oklahoma.  Family members talked about how they were led to believe there was no connection to Scientology before sending their kids to the drug rehab program.  David Love was interviewed about his experiences at Narconon and how he is trying to shut down this facility as he has done to the center in Quebec.

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Not suprisingly, Tony Ortega has been all over this story at the Village voice.  Read his interview with David Love and with Bob Lobsinger who reported on the Scientology connection to Narconon as the center was being established years ago.  And if Narconon isn’t Scientology, then why is an executive controlling the group in Scientology’s prison camp.

Another Scientologist Speaks Out

Susan Elliott (I’m Glib) interviewed a former Scientologist a few days ago at the opening of the new Orange County Ideal Org.   There’s a lot of background racket but Andrea cuts through it all with some piercing comments about the group she devoted her life to not so long ago. [youtube][/youtube] Her mom spoke out about Scientology’s Narconon program at the Temecula City Council. [youtube][/youtube]

David Love and Gerry Armstrong

From YouTuber sKepptiksowat comes this discussion between a former Narconon employee and the man who exposed the lies of L. Ron Hubbard’s background, Gerry Armstrong.

David and Gerry discuss David’s difficult separation from the cult front group. David relates his experience making his exit and reveals interesting facts about Narconon tactics. If there are those who doubt that Anons have no soul stay tuned for an emotional moment as He tells of the day he left the cult lawyer’s office virtually destitute and unable to see his children. Possibly a hanky moment for the sensitive. David is most definately a problem for Scientology and he will reveal more.


Jerry Whitfield in Hamburg

This video was taken on March 27, 2010 on a Educational Symposium about Scientology Organized by the Workgroup Scientology of The Ministry of the Interior in Hamburg.  Jerry Whitfield talks about Narconon and other front groups.
Anonymous has the announcement of the event on Why We Protest as well as a report on the event itself.   liekmudkip posted the video.

The Truth About Narconon

This video comes from YouTuber peterstorm1.
Mr. D. E. Love is a former staff member at Narconon Trois-Rivières, a drug detox center run by Scientologists for Scientology.
Mr Love has extensive knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors at Narconon and has met some of the U.S.-based high executives of this organization.
His story was published on March 21st 2010, in the Quebec city, Canada newspaper Le Soleil.  Anonymous has an English translation at Why We Protest.

Scientologist Drowns Daughter and Herself

The Guardian has the  sad and maddening report of another Scientologist whose dementia went untreated because of Scientology’s sick hatred of real mental health.
A demented Scientologist mother accidentally drowned her disabled daughter in the bath – then drowned herself, an inquest heard this week.
Scientologist, Judith Richmond, 41, was having a mental breakdown and seeking Scientologists advice on mental health when she tried to “heal” nine-year-old Millie of cerebral palsy by plunging her in water.
Scientology, which rejects psychiatry, had left the florist, who had bipolar disorder, obsessed with its esoteric and ineffective methods for treating her psychiatric problems. Judith was convinced Millie and the whole world had metal poisoning.
In the days before the tragedy at her luxury home in South Cerney, Gloucestershire, Judith had told relatives that she was getting medical help from Simon Cowell and racing driver David Coulthard.
Coroner Alan Crickmore said Millie’s death was an accident. He recorded an open verdict on Mrs Richmond, who drowned after carrying her daughter’s body to a nearby lake and jumping in.
Anonymous makes these assessments in a YouTube video.
Scientologists with mental problems undergo a process known as Introspection Rundown. This involves isolation, sensory deprivation, starvation, dehydration, vitamin overdose and outrageously excessive periods (many hours at a time) in saunas.
The usual result of this treatment is death.
As a result, all new Scientologists are obliged to sign a contract which abolishes responsibility from the church should they die during Introspection Rundown.
The most famous Scientologist to die from Introspection Rundown is Lisa McPherson.