What is Scientology?

People wonder why I am so interested in Scientology. I was never a member. I haven’t lost a loved one to Scientology. SO why speak out about them?
Well, I don’t like bullies and L. Ron Hubbard ran his group as the worst sort of bully.   Power-mad and seemingly unstoppable, Hubbard set out to “smash his name into history” — as he wrote to his first wife — and he let no man stand in his way, launching vicious attacks against his perceived enemies and running covert operations to destroy those who would stand in his way.
His covert operations against the U.S. government sent his wife and ten other top officials of Scientology to prison. Hubbard let his wife Mary Sue take the fall for him while he went into hiding in the desert for the remainder of his sad and pathetic life, never once writing, calling or visiting Mary Sue.
Some of the details can be found in the following pages. I urge you to to read more, watch the videos and share what you learn with others.
Scientology is not just some silly little Hollywood religion that Tom Cruise belongs to. They rip families apart with the policy of Disconnection, bleed people dry financially with their strong arm sales techniques and lie about what is in store for members at the top of the Bridge to Total Freedom.
If you are just starting to learn about Scientology, brace yourself. It is a wild ride.

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