Front Groups

Scientology has created a corporate maze that rivals any organization on earth.  Below are most of the Scientology corporate entities:

Scientology Corporations granted tax exemption with by the IRS in 1993

  • Applied Scholastics International
  • Association for Better Living and Education
  • Bridge Publications
  • Building Management Services
  • Church of Scientology Flag Service Org., Inc.
  • Church of Scientology International
  • Church of Scientology Western United States
  • Church of Spiritual Technology
  • Citizens Commission on Human Rights
  • Dianetics Centers International
  • Dianetics Foundation International
  • Flag Ship Trust Saint Hill Manor
  • Foundation Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization
  • Foundation International Membership Services Administration
  • Hubbard College of Administration
  • Hubbard Dianetics Foundation
  • Inspector General Network
  • International Association of Scientologists
  • International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors
  • Membership Services Administration (U.K.) Ltd.
  • New Era Publications International Aps
  • Religious Technology Center
  • Scientology International Reserves Trust
  • Scientology Missions International
  • U.S. IAS Members’ Trust
  • The Way to Happiness Foundation

Other Scientology corporations

  • Author Services, Inc.
  • Church of Scientology Freewinds Relay Office, Inc.
  • Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc.
  • Church of Scientology Religious Trust
  • FSO Oklahoma Investments Corporation
  • FSS Organization, N.V. (Netherlands Antilles)
  • Golden Era Productions
  • International Publications Trust
  • Majestic Cruise Lines, Inc.
  • MCL Services, N.V. (Netherlands Antilles)
  • Mastertech
  • National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice
  • Nesta Investments
  • Publications Int. Limited
  • San Donato Properties Corporation
  • Scientology Defense Fund Trust
  • Scientology Publications Limited
  • Sea Organization Reserves Services LTD
  • Theta Management
  • Transcorp Services S.A.
  • Trust for Scientologists
  • United States Parishioners Trust
  • Way to Happiness Foundation

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