Snow White Documents

USA v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al

List Of Documents Seized by the FBI from Scientology Headquarters – (PDF 1.78 megs)
Grand Jury – August 15, 1978

Grand Jury Part One – August 15, 1978 (PDF 1.38 megs)

Grand Jury Part Two – August 15, 1978 (PDF 1.3 megs)

Grand Jury Part Three – August 15, 1978 (PDF 1 meg)

Unindicted Co-conspirators – January 11, 1979
Stipulation of Evidence
Memorandum Opinion – April 25, 1979
Sentencing memorandum – December 3, 1979 (PDF 8.3 megs)
Sentencing Order – December 11, 1979 (PDF 1.38 megs)
Appeal – Argued on February 27, 1981 – Decided on October 2, 1981 (PDF 13.2 megs)

USA v Jane Kember and Morris Budlong

Sentencing memorandum – December 16, 1980 (PDF 4 megs)
Appendices – December 16, 1980 (PDF 88k)

Exhibit 1 (PDF 574k) – Internal Scientology document listing the government agencies to target for penetration.

Exhibit 2 (PDF 463k) – “Project: Weaver’s Needle” – Covert operation to infiltrate government agencies.

Exhibit 3 (PDF 598k) – “Project: Early Warning System” – Covert operation to plant Scientologists in the U.S Attorney’s Office to report on government activities.

Exhibit 4 (PDF 224k) – Internal Scientology document listing targets of importance.

Exhibit 5 (PDF 307k) – “Operation CAT” – A covert operation to plant grossly false information into the government’s computers for later public retrieval and ridiculing exposure.

Exhibit 6 & 7 (PDF 307k) – Handwritten log asking about a Scientology investigation of the Justice Department.

Exhibit 8 & 9 (PDF 577k) – Handwritten log

Exhibit 10 (PDF 229k) – Handwritten log

Exhibit 11 (PDF 258k) – Handwritten log

Exhibit 12 (PDF 232k) – Handwritten log

Exhibit 13 (PDF 226k) – Handwritten log

Exhibit 14 (PDF 278k) – Handwritten letter from Jane Kember to Henning Heldt discussing stategy after Gerald Wolfe (Scientology’s spy in the IRS – code-named “Silver”) was arrested.

Exhibit 15 (PDF 209k) – Letter from Mo Budlong to Dick Weigand discussing stategy.

Exhibit 16 (PDF 85k)

Exhibit 17 (PDF 645k) – Letter to Mo Budlong detailing the cover story concocted by Scientology after the arrest of Gerald (Silver) Wolfe.

Exhibit 18 (PDF 82k) – Telex asking for guidance in handling Gerald Wolfe for possible Grand Jury investigation.

Exhibit 19 (PDF 133k) – Handritten note from Mo Budlong asking about Wolfe’s possible plea before the Grand Jury.

Exhibit 20 (PDF 111k) – Telex reply.

Exhibit 21 (PDF 421k) – “Herbert Events” – A report on a meeting to handle Michael Meisner (code-named “Herbert”) who had been in charge of Gerald Wolfe’s activities.

Exhibit 22 (PDF 1.02 megs) – Reports on the kidnapping and restraint of Michael Meisner. He is called psychotic for refusing to follow the GO’s orders and placed on the Introspection Rundown.

Exhibit 23 (PDF 177k) – Proposed cover story changes.

Exhibit 24 (PDF 272k) – Report on Meisner’s escape from his GO captors.

Exhibit 25 (PDF 1.07 megs) – Reported Bette Orsini of the St. Petersburg Times discovers a Scientology connection to an investigation of the Easter Seal Society of Pinellas County. They fear she may follow the connection back to Meisner and others inside Scientology.

Exhibit 26 (PDF 465k) – “Conspiracy Suit Debug Project” – covert operation to obtain records from CCHI (Cordinating Conference on Health Information).

Exhibit 27 (PDF 505k) – Handwritten log mentions covert operation “Sore Throat” against the AMA.

Exhibit 27-A (PDF 179k) – Handwritten log mentions covert operation “Sore Throat” against the AMA.

Exhibit 28 (PDF 203k) – Report to Mary Sue Hubbard about the success in getting covert agents into leadership roles in the CCHI, AMA, BBB and Pharmaceutical Association.

Exhibit 30 (PDF 1.14 megs) – “Programme NIHM” – Covert operation designed for the takeover of the National Mental Health Association.

Exhibit 31 (PDF 123k) – Telex concerning expanding lawsuit against Scientology by the St. Petersburg Times newspaper.

Exhibit 32 (PDF 171k) – Handwritten note from Jane Kember asking about author Paulette Cooper and what was being done to control her.

Exhibit 33 (PDF 173k) – Handwritten note ordering “Operation Dynamite”, a covert operation to frame Paulette Cooper for a bomb threat.

Exhibit 34 (PDF 1.19 megs) – “Operation Freakout” – A covert operation designed to have Paulette Cooper incarcerated in a mental institution or jail.

Exhibit 35 (PDF 1.1 megs) – “Operation Freakout”

Exhibit 36 (PDF 261k) – Handwritten notes concerning a Telex about Paulette Cooper.

Exhibit 37 (PDF 115k) – Handwritten note from Jane Kember concerning weekly summarized reports.

Exhibit 38 (PDF 1.67 megs) – “Operation: Keeler” and “Operation: Speedy Gonzales” – Covert operations run against the mayor of Clearwater, Gabe Cazares.

Exhibit 39 (PDF 1.14 megs) – Letter from Dick Weigand detailing covert operations against Gabe Cazares.

Exhibit 40 (PDF 703k) – “Mayor Cazares Handling Project” – Covert operation to remove Gabe Cazares from any position of power.

Exhibit 41 (PDF 325k) – Description of Guardian’s Office filing system.

Exhibit 42 (PDF 1.1 megs) – Battle tactics laid out by Jane Kember.

Exhibit 43 (PDF 977k) – Covert operation to infiltrate the United Sates Coast Guard.

Exhibit 44 (PDF 425k) – “Project: Fox” – Covert operation to infiltrate the United Nations.

Exhibit 45 (PDF 354k) – “Program: Off the Hook” – Operation designed to stop IRS investigation into Hubbard’s and Scientology’s taxes.

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